Memory House at MST

January 2013:

I am currently directing Kathleen Tolan’s “Memory House” for Main Street Theater. It goes into previews on Saturday 1/12/13 and opens 1/17/13. It’s an exciting project; a two character play starring Becky Udden and Joanna Hubbard as mother and adoptive daughter. Katya was adopted from Russia when she was seven. She is now a high school senior struggling to write a ‘memory house’ for her college acceptance essay. The assignment is complicated by her father (now divorced from the mother) providing a mass of ‘printouts’ dealing with the politics of foreign adoption and stigmatizing it as ‘ripping off bleeding countries.’ It is very topical right now, with the current political situation where Russia has recently banned the adoption of Russian orphans by American families.

For information about the play and tickets go to the Main Street Theater website:


1 thought on “Memory House at MST

  1. Marshall Mays

    Thrilled that you are still directing! Sorry I missed this and hope to see you when I am next in Houston. I had been so swamped that I just wasn’t dealing with Linked-in for over a year, but now I am realizing I need to get with the program.


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