About Claire Hart-Palumbo

I was born and raised in central Texas, in a town too small to have a Dairy Queen, which in Texas is pretty darn small. Neither of my parents graduated from high school, but my mother raised me to have a love of language, books, and movies. I went to college to become an Art and English major.  I ended up in Theatre quite by accident.

After graduation I decided to bring the light of art back to Lexington, my hometown.  I accepted a job as head of the English department at the high school from which I graduated.  I was only three years older than my graduating seniors, one of whom was my brother.  You should NEVER go back to teach in your own high school.

I left teaching for a few years and moved to Houston with my college roommate.  I finally had to admit that what I really wanted was to become an actor.  So I started working in little theatre, community theatre, and eventually professional theatre.  After studying at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, I finished my MFA at the University of Texas at Austin.  I’ve spent thirty years of my life as an actor, director and arts administrator in Houston, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Moscow, Idaho. Somewhere in there I was married for twenty years.

These days I am a professional technical writer and instructional designer for the oil & gas and financial industries, but continue to teach theater and film appreciation, direct, act, and write plays and both adult and middle grade fiction.  I live with my two cats.

2 thoughts on “About Claire Hart-Palumbo

  1. David Copelin

    Hi Claire!
    just learned where you are and what you’ve been doing for the last 25 years or so… thought I’d get in touch. I’m living in southern Oregon and trying to write plays … you’re looking great. Cheers,


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