2015 MST Production

Silent Sky” by Lauren Gunderson, at Main Street Theater, directed by Rebecca Green Udden – November 7 – December 6, 2015.


What Audiences Are Saying about Silent Sky

“I just got back from doing theater and more theater in NYC and I can tell you that MST’s Silent Sky is as good as anything I saw in the Big Apple. It is an extremely entertaining play, well written and with a fabulous cast!”

“We were blown away last night by Silent Sky.  The play, the set, the direction, and the acting were amazing and perfect for the renovated space!”

“So glad you extended the run of this wonderful production. It was marvelous!+

“My daughter was completely blown away . . . . Seeing this show was a profound moment for her, connecting her passion for space and theater. She even said that it confirmed her life aspirations and that she felt she would remember it for the rest of her life.

I wanted to share with you that whenever you might doubt your contribution, or your ability to affect change in the world, remember that your work (on and off the stage this weekend) made a huge difference in a smart and passionate young girl’s life. That inspiration will be exponential, as she tells others, and pursues her dreams.”

“Memory House” by Kathleen Tolan, at Main Street Theater, directed by Claire Hart-Palumbo – January 17-February 10 2013.

What Audiences Are Saying about Memory House
“The play was more wonderful and real than I could have imagined. Several times I found myself wanting to offer some words of reassurance or comfort to the mom and the daughter only to recall that I was watching a play, and not an actual conversation.”

“Saw Memory House this evening and was truly impressed by this beautifully written and perfectly performed play. These two women are amazing in this endlessly satisfying production.”

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